Interesting video about learning a complex topic. Notes:


  1. Context-Broadening: Check a news article to get real world, visual, detailed information to help you care about the topic
  2. Dopamine Priming: Understand the benefits/cons of learning the topic. Dopamine is about the anticipation and drives behavior
  3. Singular Deep Dive: Opposite of overviews/by the book (works for her/ymmv) narrow reads and switching when questions arise or interest is lost
  4. Challenge Sandwich: Apply what you learnt: Project, take tests. Books are allowed. Interveawe challenge and reading as needed
  5. Getting Broody: Leave the topic and understand that you aren't done. Return to it over time (flashcards, spaced repetition)
  6. False Deadlines: create small time boxes, even when they are unachievable. Repeat again and again (create urgency)